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Sustainable and natural design products at

Felt pot Coaster

Handcrafted with love and patience

Feel aligned with nature

Yoga Mat 100% biodegradable

Hemp & cotton mat

The softer and most durable natural fiber

Our philosophy

  • Our products combine sustainability and Nordic design, with its quality and elegance - without wasting resources along the production process. Home on earth uses almost exclusively natural materials such as bamboo, wool, coconut, mango, hemp and cotton. The use of reused and recyclable materials, along with the energy efficiency concept are key factors when we think about

  • Home of Earth Label
  • our new designs and select new products. By designing most of our products and working directly with the producers, we can focus on improving working conditions and make production processes more human. Thus, we can ensure a fair wage system while we generate more equitable labour relations. Home on earth is synonymous with creativity, environmental awareness and well-being.

Our best products

  • Horn candle holders
    Horn candle holders
  • Tom Rossau Lamp
    Tom Rossau Pendant Light
  • Wood Mortar
  • Felt Bag Mamor
    Felt Bag "Marmor"


Well Being

Home on earth is a feeling and it is a way of living.

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