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Air: The fourth of the five elements

November 4th, 2014 by Oliver Frings
reading time: 1-2 minutes

Air is invisible, playful, soothing and life giving. It is the element that is most often associated with intelligence and soul. Further more it is also often linked to thoughts and mental activity because of the moving quality of the element. Air is all around us and in us, we can feel it but we can’t catch it with our bare hands. We can see how air affects our surroundings and makes the nature move – we can hear the wind howling or move a wind toy.

In yoga, air is associated with the anahata chakra (the heart chakra). Anahata is based on your higher self and where you make your decisions, just like the quote teaches us to “follow our hearts”. The chakra is linked to compassion, love and charity.

The way air connects with our bodies, is when we breathe. Air fills our lungs when we inhale and leaves as we exhale. It is an element that follows us and sticks with us.

Air is a powerful element that can help us produce power and electricity. Wind turbines produce electricity and wind in a ship’s sails will make it move. The environmental impact of wind power is also far lower than the impact of using fossil fuels, and therefore air provides a sustainable way of producing electrical power, mechanical power and movement.

The spiritual importance of air is easy to perceive. We can’t see air by itself, but we can feel its presence. The element gives us life. Air offers a change of direction and represents freedom. When we do see air, we see the movement it brings. This is when we look in the garden and maybe notice the hammock swinging, or when we sit inside with candles burning nicely in a candle holder and we notice the flame flicker.

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