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Beautiful bamboo bikes

Bamboo Bike in Barcelona
September 23rd, 2014 by Oliver Frings
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We would like to introduce you to our new bamboo bikes, but first let us talk about bamboo.

Bamboo is a wonderful material. Bamboo grows extremely fast and some species can grow up to 89 cm in 24 hours: there are even records of some growing 250 cm in 24 hours. Because of the fast growth rate bamboo is a great solution against deforestation.

Bamboo has many uses and it is especially valued as a building material because of its strength that equals steel. Using bamboo as a building material is much more sustainable than using wood. This is because bamboo grows to a mature state in only three years whereas a forest takes decades to grow back: in a best-case scenario. Bamboo also has a great capacity of absorbing CO2. Bamboo can be used to make many products and its flexibility gives new options. An example is bamboo bikes, where the bamboo ensures a better ergonomically experience because it is more flexible than steel.

At home on earth we offer two different styles of bamboo bikes: the urban race designed for both men and women, and urban coaster designed for women. The bamboo bikes are of high quality and are very beautiful. They are made with bamboo from Veracruz (Mexico) and all the frames are numbered and unique. The bamboo frame makes the bikes more pleasurable to ride because bamboo is more flexible than steel but still as strong as steel. The fusion between the bamboo and the steel is made from carbon fiber. The bamboo bikes are very light due to the materials used. Both of the bamboo bike models come in both single-speed and 7speed to fit your preference.

The frames of the bamboo bikes have a warranty of 4 years, and the bike itself has 2 years warranty. The bikes come in a variety of different colour mixes. Please feel free to take a look at the beautiful and sustainable bamboo bikes in our online shop.

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