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Our cooperation with the association Estel Tàpia, Barcelona

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February 27th, 2015 by Oliver Frings
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Estel Tàpia is an organization formed in 1984 and is set out to help those who are socially excluded on a high level. For more than 20 years the organization focused on escorts and citizens who suffered from a substance abuse. When the economic crisis hit in 2008 the focus was changed to long-term unemployed people and citizens with mental disabilities.

In Barcelona many of the spaces for the people with mental disabilities have closed, and therefore there is nowhere to go. Estel Tàpia opens up for those with mental disabilities so they can socialize and be creative.

The people who come to Estel Tàpia worked with industrial manipulation, samples and small objects before, but after these jobs were moved to other countries without the same level of work protection, Estel Tàpia again needed to adapt. Now they mainly work with fabrics.

Some of the projects the organization works with are the following:

Recycled bags made from factory waste, which are bought back by the factory company.

The ecotó, which is a sustainable way of carrying around lunch. It is a reusable fabric and plastic lunch bag.

The changing of labels on safety jackets.

And sewing services, like sewing on labels and attaching adornments for companies like home on earth.

One of the latest projects from Estel Tàpia is the social coin. The social coin is meant as a game of giving. The social coin can for example be given as a token of appreciation for a favour, and can pass through many hands. The current owner of the coin can track the coins travels online with a QR code. When the coin’s lifespan is ended – by the choice of the owner – the coin is bio gradable. The coin contains a rose bush seed and can be planted to pay back nature.

Home on earth has worked with Estel Tàpia for a couple of years. We like to work with these kind of associations because we want our products to have a positive social impact. For example Estel Tàpia work with our felt pots and put labels and leather bands on them. Every time a customer buys a felt pot they support the association and their projects.

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