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Leather jewelry from Teo Geo – elegant & sustainable design made in Barcelona

Teo-Geo Leather Jewelry made in Barcelona
July 31st, 2014 by Oliver Frings
reading time: 1-2 minutes

As we at home on earth are very proud to have located our both stores in Catalonia´s most vibrant city, Barcelona, we also take great pride in promoting local-based artist and manufactures. That brings us in this edition to the local leather jewelry maker Teodora Gueorguieva also known as Teo, who with an elegant design and products made from recycled leather matches perfectly with our philosophy at home on earth.

But first let´s start with a short look at the history of leather jewelry. It is believed that ever since people first started to wear jewelries, leather jewelry has been part of the personal decoration and stylistic expression. Although the history goes far back, leather jewelry should not be regarded as old fashion, as these elegant jewelries, still today are used largely as the perfect accessory to personalize the style.

So let’s turn the focus on Teo, the founder of the jewelry brand Teo Geo (2009), who originates from Bulgaria but has settled in Barcelona. Teo is creating her leather jewelry inspired by nature and combining it with unique Catalan modernism elements that play a major architectural role in the townscape of Barcelona. Teo is using mainly recycled leather as remains of other productions for her designs. Therefore, for each model she has to hand pick suitable material to secure the high quality standards she demands. The sustainable approach to production and selection of raw materials is one of the reasons she caught the attention from home on earth. Values as high quality products made in a sustainable manner follow the home on earth guiding principles and that is the reason why they incorporated their beautiful leather jewelry in their two shops.

Wondering how this unique and sustainable jewelry suits you, visit one of our two showrooms in Barcelona (Calle Hospital, 76 and Calle de la Boqueria, 14) and try it for yourself. See it, feel it, and express your personal style in an elegant and sustainable way.

And very soon, you can order these beautiful pieces also online…

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