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What is Slow Food

slow food
October 28th, 2014 by Oliver Frings
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Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization formed in 1989 and is also the description for the counterpart to fast food. Slow Food encourages the consumption of regional cuisine and using local food and livestock in cooking. This ensures a more sustainable way of cooking, since the ingredients are not transported across the world.

Some of the main objectives of the Slow Food movement include the following:

Preserving and promoting traditional local food products and how they are prepared. Organizing celebrations of local cuisine across the world. Educating about the risks of consuming fast food and the risk of reduction in agriculture and teaching students and prisoners gardening skills.

Today Slow Food has 100.000 members across 150 countries.

In conjunction with the movement there are being held several different festivals and events all over the world, some of the most notable ones being “Cheese” in Bra, Italy; “Eurogusto” in Tours, France; “Slow Fish” in Genoa, Italy and the “Terra Madre day” on 10th of December, which is celebrated globally.

The importance of Slow Food is very present today. Not many decades ago it was normal to cook using local livestock and vegetables and cook healthily. Back in time there was no such thing as fast food, and it was more expensive buying exotic ingredients. Now we can consider from where our ingredients originate and know the consequences of buying one product over another.

Therefore, when you buy locally you:

  • Help emit less CO2
  • Support local farmers and family run businesses
  • Get healthier food


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