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Designer lamps with Nordic design – made by Tom Rossau

tom rossau
September 12th, 2014 by Oliver Frings
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Light is one of our most cherished resources. Most people experience being happier when there’s more sun and in turn having less energy during winter when it’s darker. Light is important for our happiness, and therefore it is important to have lighting in our homes, at our work and everywhere we go when the sun can’t provide light. We believe that bringing light in to your home should be beautiful and fun. Designer lamps will not only induce happiness with the warming light they provide, but they will also be beautiful pieces of art.

Tom Rossau is a self-taught Danish designer. He started his career by designing and sewing leather clothes to be sold in his shop in Copenhagen in 1997, but for the past 10 years he has focused on working with natural wood veneers and furniture.

Tom Rossau says himself that he is inspired by the materials and how they behave. He loves every step of the design process, and is continuously inspired by them. One of the materials that Tom Rossau works with is wood, e.g. birch. Birch is a great wood for furniture because it has fine grains, a pale colour and often looks soft. Birch is also used for the fragrant oils in the wood; birch helps relax muscles when you smell it.

Tom Rossau’s designs are unique and have a minimalistic silhouette. The minimalistic silhouette does not mean that the designs look simple, quite on the contrary. The handcraft, the materials, the execution and the attention to every detail are the factors that make the designer lamps elegant and ideal for lighting up your home. The lamps are both functional and very decorative.

According to Tom Rossau: Lights are the main mood-creator in any home. That’s why I just can’t stop designing them”. The creative process and dedication is what makes Tom Rossau’s designs so elegant and stylish.

Tom Rossau has designed different types of lamps ranging from the desk lamps to standing lamps and finally hanging lamps. Home on earth is one of the official retailers of Tom Rossau lamps. We invite you to take a look at our wide selection of designer lamps online.

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