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Water: The second of the five elements

September 16th, 2014 by Oliver Frings
reading time: 1-2 minutes

Water is the element that is most commonly associated with emotion and intuition. Water doesn’t wait for anything or anyone. If it meets obstacles in its way it will simply change shape and create a path around the obstacle or find small, secret passages. Taoism cites water as the most versatile element. It washes away earth. It puts out fire. Water wears down metal and sweeps it away. Even wood needs water to grow.

In yoga water is associated with the Sacral Chakra. Our body is  around 60-70% water therefore it is not a big surprise that this element plays a big role in yoga. We are in a way moving water when we move our body. We are controlling the the resources inside of us.


Water covers 71% of our Earth in the form of oceans, seas, lakes, streams, rain etc. It is fundamental and vital to every known form of life. Humankind has known how important the resource is for millennia. Back in ancient Egypt the people were dependant on the Nile to give them a good harvest. They had rituals dedicated to the Nile and even made the Ankh symbol that represents the Nile, which in turn represents eternal life. Already back then we knew that water equals life.

Unfortunately water is not an infinite resource. We should care for our Earth and therefore also for the water on it. It is important to preserve our natural resources by making green decisions and taking action. At home on earth we do our best to not waste resources like water during the production processes.

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