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home on earth

home on was founded in 1998

Our story

  • This is the story of the couple formed by Mette (Faarevejle, Denmark, 1975) and Stefan (Stuttgart, Germany, 1971). Home on earth was born in 1998 when their paths crossed in Indonesia. Both of them grew up surrounded by nature, Mette alongside the maritime landscapes in Denmark, and Stefan next to the lush forests of Germany. Back to nature and environmental consciousness are the goal of the project they built.

  • Since they met in Southeast Asia they haven’t stopped traveling around the world, applying their excellent knowledge of local craftsmanship in many towns and places of the planet. Mette and Stefan lived with some of these communities working on many of the products that today form the product range of home on earth.

    Before settling in Barcelona, Mette and Stefan were producing and selling some of these products on markets and fairs around the world.

  • In 2003 they established in the Catalan capital and in 2010 opened the first home on earth store that is now in the neighborhood of Raval. In addition to the store, the founders and their team are present throughout the year in different European fairs and exhibitions. The result of all the travels and experience is an exquisite selection: products from around the globe, inspired by nature, following a fair and sustainable production process.

Who we are

  • Stefan
    Stefan Founder
  • Mette
    Mette Founder
  • Aura
    Aura Photographer
  • Ester
    Yailing Store Manager
  • Laerke
    Laerke Attendant
  • Laura
    Laura Attendant
  • Cleia
    Adriana Attendant
  • Ignacio
    Macarena Attendant
  • Laerke
    Noelia Attendant
  • Laura
    Carolina Visual Merchandiser
  • Cleia
    Cleia Administration
  • Ignacio
    Ignacio Purchasing Manager


Respect nature, human beings and animals
Guarantee decent working conditions
Direct collaboration with producers - without intermediaries
Promotion of a fair and sustainable production process
Reduce, reuse, recycle

  • icon_natureNature

    Our products are made from natural material like bamboo, mango, coconut, wool, cinnamon wood, hemp or organic cotton. Nature plays an important part starting with product planning, the designing and the final production. We see nature as the greatest source of inspiration for every product.

  • icon_inspirationInspiration

    Home on earth follows the principle of respecting nature and being in balance with our environment and ourselves. When designing and choosing new products we have this principle in mind. This is our source of inspiration. By definition, inspiration is the instinctive impulse to a practical action.

  • icon_sustainabilityGreen care

    We care deeply about our environment, preserving the resources of the planet is important to us. In home on earth sustainability means making green decisions and taking action.

  • icon_fairnessFairness

    Home on earth works directly with locally selected partners without any intermediaries. Only that way we can ensure more decent working conditions and promote a sustainable production process. Behind each home on earth product lies a story. We care for it.

  • icon_wellbeingWell-being

    Being outdoors in nature is good for our mind and body. Nature inspires and offers well-being. When creating new products we try to transport this feeling of comfort to your homes by applying a high quality design and the use of natural organic material.

  • icon_yogabodyandmindYoga, body and mind

    Take a moment to be still, connect to yourself and to the surrounding world. Breath by breath stretch your body and mind, tune into harmony with all living beings.


Our aim is to refine the origin in our inspiration into something essential beautiful and long lasting.

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