The "Tetsubin" teapot is made of cast iron with black enamel inside that prevents oxidation.

Color: turquoise
Liter: 0,7
Material: cast iron, enameled inside
Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 9 cm

• The Tetsubin is for preparing and serving tea
• Before first use, rinse the teapot and the infuser with boiling water
• It is not recommended to leave tea or water inside overnight
• To prepare, turn off heat just before boiling and put the tea leaves in the infuser. Let it steep for some minutes, depending on the taste and type of tea. The leaves can be used 2 or 3 times
• Cool the pot after use, rinse with hot water and dry it before storing
• Do not use soap or detergent because the tannic acid of the tea reacts to form a protective layer that prevents oxidation
• Avoid contact with salts or oils
• In the event of oxidation clean the pot with a soft brush and rinse it with warm water
• Do not put the pot on a heat source without water in

Teapots "Tetsubin" were released in Japan in the middle of the fifteenth century! When "Sencha", a way of drinking tea using tea leaves instead of powder was introduced from China. During the seventeenth century Tetsubin became a symbol of elite and became an artistic treasure. Later became a common tool in the Japanese culture.

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