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Perfect for daily use! This bamboo bike is conceived and designed in Barcelona. Unique and exclusive bicycle frames and forks made entirely from bamboo. In this bamboo bike model, it is combined the geometry of a racing bicycle with the style of a mountain bike to respond to the features of an urban sport bike. Light and manageable, its reactive frame allows us to move easily around the city.

- Tires: 28 "Michelin Dynamic Classic
- Rims: HM CRT Tiagra + Omega
- Carbon Forks: Aerus CompositesFront hub: Shimano Tiagra HB-4600
- Rear hub: Shimano Nexus inter 7 SG-7R46
- Pedals: BLB WHITE
- Crank: Sturmey Archer FCT 42t crankset 170mm
- Bottom bracket: Shimano BSA-68 113 mm (square tip)
- Handles: ERGON GC1 brown (Cork)
- Saddle: Brooks B17 Standard Honey
- Brakes: Alhonga racing
- Headset: integrated 1 1/8” Massi

Weight: 12 kg 
Guarantee of three years

Advantage of bamboo:
Due to its resistance and rigidity bamboo is the ideal material for manufacturing bicycles frames and forks. It's the perfect alternative to traditional carbon and titanium frames, it ́s resistance is equivalent to steel. Bamboo is a plant that grows fast, uses little energy and has a very low impact on the natural environment. To manufacture a bamboo bike it is only 10% of the energy and resources needed to manufacture aluminum, carbon or steel bicycles. Its natural flexibility absorbs the unevenness of the terrain, offering a more comfortable ride and softening all types of vibrations. As bamboo is a natural material, when buying a bamboo bike you’re purchasing an ecological product.

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