Wood of the month - Cinnamon

Holz des Monats - Zimtrinde

Our wood this month is cinnamon!

Cinnamon has a variety of uses. For example the inner bark is used as an aromatic spice and the wood can be used for beautiful woodwork, which will also have a sweet scent.

The sweetness of cinnamon comes from the aromatic oils that are found in the bark and leaves. This makes cinnamon a perfect wood for storage boxes to store things like sugar and tea, because the spice will give the content a faint aroma.

The cinnamon genus accounts for more than 270 trees and shrubs, of which most are aromatic. The cinnamon tree grows in the south of China, in India and in Southeast Asia. Usage of the spice goes back to ancient times and was imported in Egypt around 2000 BC. In the ancient world cinnamon was so precious and expensive a spice, that it was a fitting gift for the gods.

Through time cinnamon has mostly been used to flavour wine, used for aromatic burning like incense and in various styles of cooking.

Today we also see other uses for cinnamon. The wood is more widely used in woodcarving as well. At home on earth we have designed cinnamon boxes and cinnamon candle holders. The beautiful texture of the wood makes for outstanding decoration and the sweet scent is warm and welcoming in every home.

We are inspired by nature and we take pride in creating beautiful and sustainable products without compromising on functionality. Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties and is therefore a great material to use for storage of herbs and spices.

If you are interested, please feel free to have a look on our products in the online shop.



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