Interview with Andy, designer of the bird twigs

Interview mit Andy, Designerin der Vogelzweige

The process to design bird twigs

How was this design idea born? What was your inspiration?

The idea of the ​​birds was born from the desire to give life to a small collection of beautiful fabric remnants. I was inspired also by the cartoonist “Liniers” and the song “Three little birds”. These little creatures were born to spend understanding, tenderness and companionship.

Which material did you use for this collection?

I usually use designer fabrics, patchwork and Japanese fabrics, all made from 100% cotton. I also use various buttons, padding, wadding, tree branches from Barcelona, ​​galvanized wire and recycled cotton strips.

Which are the production steps?

First I choose the textile combination front / back and cut it by hand. Then I make the seam of the beak and body assembly with a sewing machine. After that I sew on the eyes (buttons) by hand and then the stuffing material. I close the body sewing by hand and then combine the pair / trio / quartet or family. Then I assemble the birds on the branch and the wire handling to use it as a rigging system. Finally, I put the rubber band on and the mobile can be hung.


What was the biggest challenge for you?

The major challenges of production is the time I spend with each piece to find the right combination of elements. The combination gives a special character to each bird so they are all different and exclusive.

How can this product be used?

I like people to identify themselves with the birds and give it as a present or hang it up with a special memory, a special moment. Beyond the decorative effect, it seems interesting to see it as a little being that can attract and spend positive energy.

How long have you been producing this product?

started in December 2010 with a tiny growing production up to the large family that I produce currently.

What changes have you applied over time?

There have been a few modifications. Mainly because textiles are constantly changing which makes it to come up with different color and print combinations.

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