Our felt collection

Unsere Filzkollektion

Large selection of products in our felt collection

One of the main components of the home on earth product range is our exclusive felt collection, which is renewed every year. Mette, our founder and designer, creates new shapes and color combinations for all of our felt products every year. Felt is a durable material, cozy and light.

It is made by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. All home on earth felt products are made from 100% New Zealand wool with natural properties and long durability. They are handmade in Nepal, where workers' communities use the sustainable material: hot water and natural, environmentally friendly Swiss dyes, with no animal or chemical ingredients. The founders of home on earth lived with these workers, which helps ensure fair working conditions.

Both believe that felt is a perfect match for our values:


Felt was the first textile invented by humans. The sheep wool is processed by hand with soap and hot water. This process gives the wool durability and a high level of insulation.


The HOE felt collection is inspired by nature. The simple expressiveness of Nordic shapes perfectly represents our concept of sustainable design.


The production of felt is absolutely sustainable and the production does not harm the environment or the animals involved.


We have been working with a women's association in Nepal for many years. This longstanding collaboration has improved working conditions and health care.


The cozy warmth of the felt and the vivid colors we choose bring comfort and light into your daily life.

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