About the natural material bamboo

Learn more about the plant Bamboo and our sustainable bamboo products: 

General about the bamboo: 

Bamboo is versatile, grows incredibly fast and has a long tradition in distant countries. In Europe, too, people are enjoying the plant more and more sustainable alternative is seen.
Anyone interested in buying new furniture busy or looking for a toothbrush at the drugstore, comes on Trendmaterial Bamboo no longer over. In recent years, the plant has become increasingly popular and used in a variety of ways. Lamps, straws, patio furniture, flooring, kitchenware, textiles, musical instruments and much more.  

How fast does bamboo grow? 

the Bamboo grows just under 3 inches per day and is officially the fastest growing plant in the world. After only five years, this type of bamboo, which is called Moso bamboo in China, has reached its cutting maturity. For comparison: the slow-growing European trees such as oak or spruce need about 100 years for this. And bamboo has one more thing ahead of them: As is usual among plants, it simply grows back where it was cut off or felled. 

Is bamboo sustainable?

So fast, like bamboo shoots up, large quantities can be felled annually without endangering the stock. Also binds the plant large amounts of CO2. Everything indicates that bamboo is a real one sustainable wood alternative is.

Which bamboo products are available at home on earth?

Do you already know ours? sustainable and beautiful Bamboo lamps? We have these in various variations and sizes available online. There is ours sustainable lamps if floor lamp or even as Hanging lamp. Our Bamboo lamps give a very warm and cozy light now and then beautify your home. All lamps will be in Thailand or Vietnam from handmade by local artisanswith whom we are in direct contact. 
Ours are also indispensable sustainable kitchenware made of bamboo. We offer bamboo bowls, Bambus Salatbesteck, chopsticks made of bamboo, salad bowls made of bamboo and much more - of course everything consistent and fairly produced.
Beautiful living with bamboo? In addition to our sustainable The Bamboo Lamp we also offer great home accessories made of bamboo. For example, how about one Bamboo Windspiel or one Bamboo flower pot? With our bamboo items do that decorate just so much fun! 
at sustainable bamboo products can be found in our shops in Barcelona and Berlin or of course online in our home on earth Online-Shop. A large selection awaits you here sustainable and fair manufactured items from all over the world. leave you to inspire and order you one favorite products conveniently and just after home. We are looking forward to your visit.