About the natural material coconut

Learn more about the coconut and our sustainable coconut products: 
General about the coconut: 
The coconut with umbrella and straw is the epitome of tropical refreshment. But it can do so much more: the coconut is a rich, long-storable food, natural remedy and the shell of the coconut can be processed into wonderful, sustainable products. The coconut is not really a nut, but a stone fruit. Most coconuts come from Asia, especially Indonesia, India and the Philippines. But they are also grown in Brazil, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Mexico. 
Is the coconut sustainable?
In contrast to palm oil cultivation, for example, the cultivation of coconut palms has so far hardly been associated with large-scale plantations or rainforest clearing and the associated environmental and climate damage. Our coconut products are based purely on leftovers. The flesh of the fruit is often used in the production of food. Our artisans use the leftover coconut shells to create beautiful coconut products under fair conditions. 
Which coconut products are available at home on earth?
Do you already know our sustainable and beautiful coconut lamps? We have these available online in a wide variety of variations. There is ours sustainable lamps as a hanging lamp, floor lamp or even as a tealight holder. Our coconut lamps give off a very warm and cozy light and beautify your home. All lamps are handmade in Thailand or Vietnam by local artisans with whom we are in direct contact. 
Our sustainable kitchen items made of coconut are also indispensable. We offer coconut bowls and much more - of course everything is produced sustainably and fairly.
Nicer living with coconut?
In addition to our sustainable coconut lamps, we also offer great home accessories made of bamboo. How about a coconut wind chime, for example? With our coconut items, decorating is a lot of fun! 
The body of the kalimba also consists of a coconut shell, which is decorated with a traditional Indonesian painting. 
You can find all sustainable coconut products in our shops in Barcelona and Berlin or of course online in our home on earth online shop. A large selection of sustainable and fairly manufactured items from all over the world awaits you here. Get inspired and order your favorite products conveniently and easily at home. We are looking forward to your visit.