About the natural material mango wood

Find out more about our sustainable mango products
General about mango wood: 
Mango wood is a byproduct the mango fruit harvest and is therefore an environmentally friendly and sustainable raw material. the Mangobäume are about 7-15 years on a plantation, are then sawn into large pieces, dried and used for wood production. Mango wood is developing into a natural product trend.
Mango wood has a good density, but is still relatively light. Therefore, it is considered to be very durable and stable. The surface usually feels smooth and hard. The wood has a uniquely beautiful grain.
The sustainable product goes well with these furnishing styles
The sustainable natural material mango wood is very light in its raw state and has an unmistakable grain. The wood is often treated or varnished, which gives the material a tendency towards elegance and extravagance. Thus, mango products in vintage style, country house style or modern furnishing style are welcome. But mango wood also goes extremely well with other furnishing styles. 
Which mango products are available at home on earth?
Do you already know ours? sustainable and beautiful mango wood bowls? These are handmade in Thailand and are available in different sizes. Also ours handmade plate made from the natural material mango are a real eye-catcher. Our Mango wood kitchen products are oiled and smoked, which closes the pores of the wood and you can eat or serve hot or liquid dishes from the bowl or plate. We have a beautiful one for all decoration fans Incense holder/bowl made of mango wood on offer. 
What is special about the mango products from home on earth?
Our decorative and kitchen items made of mango wood are handmade with love in Thailand. By working directly with our producers, we can control their working conditions and pay fair wages.