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Frankincense sticks - Palo Santo

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frankincense sticks Palo Santo from Peru

material: 100 % pure Palo Santo wood

  • pure Palo Santo wood ( Bursera Graveolens )
  • from Peru
  • is to be cleansing the air in rooms and chase off bad ghosts
  • application: light the stick on one end with a lighter and extinguish the flame immediately. Otherwise the resin that is contained in the wood will sear. The ember will release a gentle wisp of smoke, which fills the environment with its aroma. To prolong the incense release as long as possible we recommend to blow on the glowing end of the wood. When the ember dies down the wood can be lighted again. Don’t let the flame burn more than a few minutes!
  • scope of delivery: 50 gramm Palo Santo wood

Important: Our products are all handmade, that is why slight variations in colour, shape and size can occur.

Warning: only use the incense sticks in well ventilated rooms. Don’t breath in the smoke of the incense sticks directly. Keep away from kids and animals. Avoid eye and skin contact. Keep away from flammable materials. Avoid contact with clothes. Don’t use the incense sticks during pregnancy. Can lead to allergic reactions. Keep dry. Always use the incense sticks in sight and with a solid, safe and fireproof holder.